NEW 2pc 12V 18Ah SLA Battery EB12180IT For WKA12-18NBL, UB12180

NEW 2pc 12V 18Ah SLA Battery EB12180IT For WKA12-18NBL, UB12180
NEW 2pc 12V 18Ah SLA Battery EB12180IT For WKA12-18NBL, UB12180

NEW 2pc 12V 18Ah SLA Battery EB12180IT For WKA12-18NBL, UB12180
Flashlight / Batteries / Bulbs. FRS / 2-Way Radio Batteries. Remote / Car Alarm / Lantern. NEW 2pc 12V 18Ah SLA Battery EB12180IT For WKA12-18NBL, UB12180. Exell Battery 12V 18Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery Rechargeable AGM for solar applications, UPS Backup, medical mobility and replaces UB12180, PS12180. Batteries in a Flash offers a variety of high quality sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. These unique batteries are used in a variety of applications such as computer systems, exit signs, emergency lighting, scooters, industrial/medical equipment, and wheelchairs.

These batteries are also ideal for solar applications, UPS Backup, and medical mobility! This specific battery is classified as an AGM battery or Absorbent Glass Mat, using technology that assures superior battery performance.

AGM batteries are valve-regulates, spill proof, and are safely used in any position. Common uses for this battery: Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Golf Carts, Hunting, Lawn and Garden Tools, Medical Mobility, Motorcycles, Power sports, Portable Tools, Solar, Toys and Hobby, Access Control Devices, Emergency Lighting, Security. Type (Chemistry): AGM Sealed Lead Acid.

Length: 7.13(181.1mm). Height: 6.50(165.1mm). Width: 3.01(76.5mm).

Model Number : WB 12180 IT. Excellent performance and ability to endure high current output and deep cycling. Greater resistance to vibrations, shock, chemicals and heat. Higher cranking amps and lower self discharge. Electrolyte is suspended in fiberglass mat separators, which act as absorbent sponges.

B15R Kontron Kaat: 1 PLUS, 2 PLUS 18 AH VERSION, 7000 BALLON PUMP Koyo: NP1712B Leoch: DJW12-18HD Liebert / Emerson: AP300 Lifestand: LSC COMPACT STANDING WHEELCHAIR Light Alarms: 2DSGC3V, 2P12G1, 2RPG1, 8700018, CE15CB, CE15CK, ESP2, ESP2SG1A, ME4VEF18VA, OSG12E3, POWER 40, RSM36 Lintronics: MX12170, NPG1812 Mansfield: 3000 INTRA/AORTA BALLOON PUMP Maquet-stierlen: 1130 ALPHA STAR, 113203 ALPHA STAR, 11321 OR TABLE Medline Indurstries: GEMINI 1 Medline Industries: Gemini 1 Merich Batteries: 400, M1400 Merits Health Products: PIONEER 1, Pioneer 1 (SP232), PIONEER 2, Pioneer 2 (SP24), Pioneer 2 (SP242), SP232, SP242 Microups: 50 Minuteman: B00006, B00007, BP1, BP192V17 Battery Pack, BP24V34 Battery Pack, BP48V17/20 Battery Pack, BP48V17A Battery Pack, BP48V34 Battery Pack, BP60V17 Battery Pack, BPX48V17 Battery Pack, CP 10K/2, MSU 1400, MSU 1400i, PML 1650, PML 2000, PML 2000/2, Pro 1400i, PRO1400, PRO14001, PX 10/14, S 1400, S 2000, XRT BP1 Battery Pack, XRTBP1 MK Battery: 1712SLD, 970421B, ES17-12, M17-12 SLD M, M1712 Narkomed: ANESTHESIA, ANETHESIA National Battery: C50D National Power: GT090S3, GT090SR, GTO90S3 National Power Corp: GT090S3, GT090SR Newark: 50F032, 96F991, FNC12150B FASTON Newmax: FNC12150B, FNC12150F, FNC12150NB North Supply: 782123, 782126, 782347 O'donnell: NP1812 Ohio Medical Product: 1000 OXY POWER SYSTEM AUXILIARY Ohio Medical Products: POWER SYSTEM 1000 AUXIL Ohmeda Oxy Power System: 1000 AUXILIARY POWER Oneac Batteries: ON910, ON910BP Panasonic: LC-RD1217P, LCR12C17CP, LCR12V15P, LCRC1217P, LCX1220AP, PC24180NB Para Systems: MINUTEMAN Para Systems Inc: CP10K, CP6K, CP8K, MM2000, PML2000 Philips Medical Systems: PMX XRAY Picker International: TECH MOBILE Portalac: PE12V15 Power Battery: PM1217, PM1218 Power Patrol: SLA1116 Power Rite: PRB1218 Powercell: PC12180 Powersonic: ENERJET, PS12150NB, PS12170NB, PS12180, STR112046 Powertron: PE12V16B1 Powervar: PRC1500A Pride: Elite Traveler Plus HD, Gogo Elite Traveler, Gogo Elite Traveler Plus, RALLY, REVO SCOOTER Pride Mobility Scooters: GOGO ELITE T, RALLY, REVO Protection One: BT0353N, BT1003N Pyrotronics: 175175476 R & D Batteries: 5391F, PS12180F, RD12180 R&D: 5391, 6081 Safe: SPS1000 Schwinn: XCEL Shing Yang Power: POWER SY12170 Shoprider Mobility: 777-3/4 SUNRUNNER, 777-3LA TRAVELER, 777-4WA SNAZZY2, 777E, Cutie L, Dasher 9, Snazzy, SNAZZY 777E, Start 8 GK9, SUNRUNNER, TE-787NA SCOOTIE Siltron: EM29, EM68, EM76, EM792, EM88, S1215, STB10012 Simplexgrinnell: 12V18AH, 20819275, 92680 Skytron: 3500B ELITE OR TABLE, 3500B OR TABLE, 6001 ELITE OR TABLE, 6500 ELITE OR TABLE, 6500 OR TABLE Soft Cut: G2000 Sola: 501, 501 (1650VA), 57400, 999110157, BOOSTER PAC, ES4000, SPS1200A, SPS1200B Solar: BOOSTER PAC, ES4000 Sonnenschein: 95555, A 21215G, A21212, A21212G5, A21215G5, A512/16.0SR, A51216G5, A512170G5, CR1218, DF25, M84001A5120160G5, NGA5120016HSOBA Sterling Battery: H17-12 Storage Battery Systems: S12170 Suiter: DESTINATION System Power Specialist: LCR12V17BP Teledyne Big Beam: 1180015, 2CL12S15, 2IL12S15, H2BR12S15, H2RQ12S15, H2SC12S15 Telesys: DB1218 Tempest: TR1512, TR1812 Topaz: 84864-01 Toshiba: 100 UPS, 10KVA, 1200 SERIES 10 KVA, PR00002P31, SATELLITE 10KVA, SATELLITE 1200 10KVA Trans Canada Battery: WP2012 Tripp Lite: BC1000FC, BC750, BC900 Tripplite Batteries: 325, 425, 450, BC200228B, BC900LAN, OMNI 450LAN, OMNIPRO 900 Trv Mobility: ALL MODELS Tzora: Classic, Elite Traveler Plus HD, Lite Union Battery: MX12070, MX12180, PW1217 Unipower: B00322, B009281, B0303110 Universal Battery: UB1218, UB12180, UB12220 UPG: C6229, D5745 Vector: VEC012B, VEC021C RMFG, VEC021STC, VEC022APC, VEC022C, VEC1026 CLQ Volcano: KB12170 Volta: VT1217 Werker: WKA1218NB Weston Emergency Light: 1217 Wheelcare: Caddy, Stand N Ride, Stand N Ride 2, SUPER LIGHT SCOOTER, Superlight Yuasa: ES1812, NP1512, NP1512F, NP18-12BFR, NPH16-12, NPX-80, NPX80B, NRX80B Zappy: CLASSIC Zeus: PC18.12NB Ztong Yee Industrial: B948. Since 2004, Batteries In A Flash has served hundreds of thousands of customer worldwide!

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Full Throttle FT438-U1 12V 35Ah 1000WATT UTV High-Performance AGM Battery. 4PC Apex APX12-200 12V AGM Sealed Lead Acid NB Terminal Battery. 6PC Apex APX12-200 12V AGM Sealed Lead Acid NB Terminal Battery. 12PC Apex APX12-200 12V AGM Sealed Lead Acid NB Terminal Battery. This listing is currently undergoing maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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NEW 2pc 12V 18Ah SLA Battery EB12180IT For WKA12-18NBL, UB12180

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